Three Centre Qigong Meditation

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Here is a simple Three Centre Qi Gong Meditation.

To help to calm and quite the mind, whilst cultivating our energy and QI.

The Simple Three Centre Qi Gong Meditation focuses the mind on three areas of the body where Qi collects. In this practice, by focusing your mind on these areas in a calm,and attentive way we can strengthen our reserves, body, mind and emotional capacity.

Qi Follows intention

Give Yourself Just 4 Minutes

Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet position.
And just breathe.
Breathe IN
And Breathe OUT

First centre your mind in the place just below your navel.
This centre is a place where Yuan Qi is stored. It Is the foundation and energetic reserve of the body.
Say to yourself – “I have Strong Foundations”
Next expand your thought focus on the place in the centre of your chest.
This centre is the place is where Zong Qi Gathers, this powers our Heart and Lungs.
Say to yourself - “I have Love in my Heart’
Next movie up to include the space in the centre of your brow.
This centre is the place of the Shen, and this is where the consciousness is housed.
Say to yourself - “I have peace in my mind”
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