Hormonal imbalance can be the cause for your abnormal hair loss

There are many things that can be the cause for abnormal hair loss:

- Childbirth

- Illness

- Thyroid Disease

- Iron Deficiency

- Zinc Deficiency

- Birth Control Pill

- Androgen Excess


Treating the root cause of your hair loss is the best way to regain your beautiful healthy hair.

If you are also suffering from symptoms such as:

- Fatigue/ lethargy/ foggy head.

- Irregular, painful or heavy periods.

- PMS.

- Menopausal symptoms.

- Acne.

- Abnormal hair growth.

- Are on hormonal contraception.

There may be deeper hormonal imbalances that are causing your hair loss.

There is a synergistic dance that occurs in a woman's cycle between the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and androgens, with each leading a phase and keeping each other in check. When one becomes deficient than the others can become excessive. For Example when progesterone levels are too low, it can lead to the condition of hyper-estrogen or estrogen dominance which can trigger excessive hair shedding and ultimately hair loss. At the same time the progesterone can be over converting into androgen's causing a thinning the hair, and an increase in unwanted facial or body hair.

You can improve the health of your hair with better nutrition, less inflammation, reducing stress and a healthy balance of hormones. Natural treatments such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and diet can restore the health of not only your hair but your whole body.

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