The period is a vital sign when it comes to women's health

Although it may be common for women to suffer from menstrual problems, it’s not necessary. Symptoms such as PMS, heavy bleeding, no bleeding or irregularity, cramps, pains, fatigue, moodiness and even menopause related issues do not need to be endured and can be seen to by your local TCM practitioner.

The quality of the menstrual blood is a vital sign when it comes to women's health as it reflects the overall health and vitality of the woman. For instance, the period allows us to virtually look inside the body and see the condition of the uterus. This why your TCM practitioner will always ask details about your periods. Questions about blood quality, flow, regularity, length, colour and pain descriptions, all gives us important information for diagnosis and designing treatments..

What TCM practitioners are looking for are signs that might indicate problems relating to stagnation, deficiency, cold and/or heat.

For example; if the blood is dark brown or black, the blood is old, this is not a nourishing place to support growth, as the womb is stagnant and cold. This retention of old blood also means that toxins are retained within the body. Often there will be pain and clotting associated with these types of periods as it indicates that circulation is very poor, the skin can also be dry and lack luster and breakouts can occur, fatigue and sluggishness will also be common.

If there is brown spotting a few days prior to the full period flow, this represents a deficient condition, often showing that the previous cycle was unsuccessful at fully shedding from the previous month. From the Western medical approach this may be due to a progesterone deficiency or a luteal phase defect from a poor ovulation. In such cases treatments that help to warm and tonify yin & yang encourage ovulation, then aiding progesterone production.

By using warming herbs and warm acupuncture treatments we add warmth to the womb making for more comfortable periods as well as improving fertility by making the uterus a more hospitable place for growing a baby.

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