Fertility & IVF Support

There may be many different reasons why it might be taking you and your partner longer than expected to conceive. It might be environmental factors, stress, as well as food and lifestyle choices. Preconception care is the first step towards improving your fertility for both you and your partner.


Because it takes the ovarian follicles 100 days to complete its maturation and ovulation, and 90 days for sperm development. You should be thinking about your health prior to conception and pregnancy so that you can give your baby the best foundations for healthy development. The causes for infertility are rectified with an optimal state of health.

Chinese Medicine works on a holistic approach to health by addressing the foundations of reproductive health, such as healthy egg, healthy sperm, healthy uterine environment.

Many couples that I treat are suffering from subfertility meaning that you may not be clinically infertile but you are not at a state of reproductive optimum. I can assist you to navigate through some lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies or environmental factors that might be influencing your difficulties in conceiving.

A diagnosis of PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhoea (no periods) and other inflammatory, autoimmune or hormonal health conditions can preventing conception. Treatment of these underlying issues need to be addressed as well as other factors like digestive and gut issues, parasites, stress and emotional issues, dietary and nutritional factors, overwork, over exercising, and any other medical conditions that might be impacting on your fertility.


By addressing causes of any hormone imbalance fertility will follows. Chinese medicine is a tool that can be used to improve hormonal states by influencing the nervous system and the hormonal command center of the brain the (Hypothalamic - pituitary–adrenal axis) HPA axis. While also assisting to reduce stress, cortisol and insulin levels, these can be major factors influencing fertility. Acupuncture can also be used to promote circulation of blood into the pelvic cavity, improve the uterine lining and ovarian function and promote follicle production.

No matter what journey you choose to take, if you are trying to conceive naturally or with the assistance of IVF, OI, IUI and ICSI, Chinse Medicine and Acupuncture can help to make your road smoother with knowledge and education being the ground work for you to take charge of your reproductive health.